Utter Nonsense: Family Edition a hilarious game for holiday gifting

Utter Nonsense: Family Edition a hilarious game for holiday gifting

My husband has a thing about accents. He's long goofed off with our girls by speaking in (egregiously incorrect) accents, from Spanish to French to Australian and so forth. He gets a ridiculous kick out of hearing Siri speak in different languages, and has his own Siri set to the Australian male voice.

So when I mentioned I'd been offered Utter nonsense! The Hilarious Accent Game free for review, he was all over that. "Oh, you gotta get it!" he announced (in what I think may have been an Australian accent with a Spanish lilt).

I requested the game, and as soon as it arrived I saw its potential for wacky fun with my loved ones.

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Greedy Granny game a goofy good time for grandkids and grandparents

Greedy Granny game a goofy good time for grandkids and grandparents

Stereotypes of grandmas abound, and there's none more stereotypical than the star of Greedy Granny, the new offering from Goliath Games. Granny of the game is pin-curl coiffed, dons granny glasses, a lace-collared dress, and knee-high socks with pink slippers. She's wrinkled about the mouth and forehead and wears dentures that fly from her mouth when startled. She naps in a recliner, arthritic hands clutching the arms.

She's the stereotypical grandma caricature of comics and cartoons and commercials created by folks who apparently haven't seen a real grandma in several decades. A kind of grandma I can't imagine any child born in the past 30 years has ever seen, as grandmas are nothing like the stereotype. Or like Greedy Granny.

That said, It's silly to get one's grandma briefs in a bunch over the depiction, as Greedy Granny — stereotype or not — was surely innocently crafted for nothing but fun. And fun the game definitely is.

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Dr. Eureka: Mixing and mastering mayhem (game review)

When seeking indoor summer fun to ride out storms or scorching temps, it would be tough to find a super quick yet super challenging game more fast and fun — and challenging in more ways than one — than Dr. Eureka from Blue Orange.

dr. eureka game review 

Dr. Eureka — for 1 to 4 players, ages 8 and up — carries the tagline, "Mix The Molecules, Master The Formula." Games take about 15 minutes, and go...

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Fun and learning in one: Super Genius learning games from Blue Orange

The school bells have rung (or will soon), meaning kids are back to learning and game time is relegated to the back burner.

Unless, that is, the games played are any of the Super Genius learning games from Blue Orange! The Super Genius lineup combines learning and fun in one—in the seemingly magical way only Blue Orange manages to pull off.

Super Genius learning games from Blue Orange 

I say "magical" as it seems nothing less when it comes to more than...

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Pick and Draw game: Artistic fun for all ages, with a group or on one's own

A deck of cards plus a pencil (with an eraser) and paper are all that's needed for hours of fun — as long as the cards are from the Pick and Draw game.

The Pick and Draw game, created by picture book illustrator Rich Davis, makes me think of those painting places where a group of soon-to-be artists receive the very same instruction yet create fabulously unique paintings, each masterpiece just like the others... but different.

pick and draw game

That's the idea behind Pick and Draw, only, the creative result is a comical cartoon. Funky...

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Froggy Boogie: Eye-popping summer fun

Summer has arrived! Time to get out and have some fun in the sun. Unless, that is, you live where summertime outdoors is far too hot for fun in the sun or any other outdoor spot. Hot places such as in the desert... which is where my grandsons live.

Summers at my grandsons' house often mean finding fun inside rather than out, at least on those days when heat advisories from the National Weather Service prohibit outdoor play.

One game ideal for such times — perfect for play any time, any where, in fact, even outdoors in fair-weather climes — is Froggy Boogie from Blue Orange Games. The all-wooden game carries the tagline "The eye popping, frog hopping, memory game!" It's designed for two to six players, ages 4 and up.

Froggy Boogie

As I'm a long-distance grandma and have not yet had the joy of playing Froggy Boogie with my oldest grandson (who celebrates his fifth birthday in June, putting him in the perfect age range), I'll share with you here a video of the game play:

My grandson adored the last game we received for review from Blue Orange Games (SpotIt!), and Froggy Boogie seems like it 'll be an equally great time. I'll surely bring it along on my next visit — and likely end up leaving it with my grandson, just as I did SpotIt! because he loved it so.

A few of the impressive aspects of the Froggy Boogie game, from a grandma's perspective, include the fact all the game pieces are fully (and finely) crafted of wood. Wooden games harken back to a simpler time and have entertainment value younger kids likely aren't exposed to often anymore. That also means it's sustainably made — a perk for the environment.

Other aspects I appreciate about Froggy Boogie:

• Players focus on memory skills, color identification, fine motor skills.

• Game play time is relatively short, right in line with the attention span of young players.

• Winner of several awards, including FamilyFun Magazine Toy of the Year.

Froggy Boogie has a suggested price of $29.99 and can be purchased from Blue Orange Games (with a 30-day money-back guarantee), as well as from Amazon.com and other game retailers. Blue Orange Games can also be found on Facebook and Twitter.

Disclosure: I received the product free for review. All opinions and anecdotes are my own.

Speedeebee and Spot it Jr.! Animals: Two super fun, super quick family games

My family and friends are big on playing games together. As a kid, playing games as a family just wasn't in the cards. As a mother and grandmother, though, I regularly seek out new games we can enjoy together.

Two new ones recently came my way for review, courtesy of Blue Orange Games.

speedeebee gameThe first is Speedeebee, a fast-paced word game for 2-6 players, ages 8 and up.

When the game I received free for review first arrived at my door, I shared with my husband during dinner that two new games had been delivered. Once we were through eating, I pulled out the games to show him — and Speedeebee looked like so much fun, we decided to try a quick game right then and there, before even clearing the table.

Quick is the operative word — as in we quickly decided we loved the game and it would be one of the games played with two of our daughters and their boyfriends after Easter dinner .

The game comes in a round tin and has 150 word challenges on 50 game cards. One or more of the four included dice are rolled in accordance with the card play, for challenges such as, "Name something shorter than one inch, starting with one of these letters (throw all 4 dice)" and "Name something that smells bad (to you), containing this letter (throw the die of your choice)."

Even with just two of us playing, the word play was fun... and fast. We decided to go through the entire stack of cards instead of just 20, as recommended in the illustrated rules for play. Still, the game was completed in about 20 minutes. (For the record, I won!).

Here's a look at the game play, courtesy Blue Orange Games:


Speedeebee has won a variety of toy industry awards and recognitions, including The National Parenting Center Seal of Approval. The game can be found where games are sold, online and off, with a suggested price of $14.99.

Speedeebee is the game recently offered for review by the Blue Orange Games representative. When I told her I'd be happy to try it out, she took a look at my blog and — because Speedeebee is made for ages far above the age of my grandsons — she graciously offered a second game to go along, one more appropriate for my grandsons.

spot it gameThe game she sent along was Spot it Jr.! Animals. This one is similar to Speedeebee in that it comes in a tin and features round playing cards. It's intended for 2-6 players, ages 4 to adult. According to the Blue Orange website, the skills tweaked for kids playing include visual perception, reaction time and focus.

I look forward to sharing it with my grandsons when I visit in a couple weeks, but my husband and I couldn't resist playing it, once we opened the tin. Spot it Jr.! Animals may be primarily a kid game, but I must admit that my husband and I both got quite the brain workout as we tried to beat one another in matching the animals on our cards to the card in play. (Okay, I admit it: My husband won this one.)

Take a look:

Spot it Jr.! Animals has won awards, too, including being named a "Dr. Toy 10 Best Games." The game has a suggested price of $9.99 and can be found most places games are sold.

Considering the fun they provide as well as their small size (making them perfect to tuck into Easter baskets!), both Speedeebee and Spot it Jr.! Animals would make super gifts for spring-time holidays,  school graduations... or just for the sheer fun of it.

For more information on both games, as well as plenty of other fun-looking family game options, visit Blue Orange Games.

Disclosure: I received the games free for review. All anecdotes and opinions are my own.