Greedy Granny game a goofy good time for grandkids and grandparents


Stereotypes of grandmas abound, and there's none more stereotypical than the star of Greedy Granny, the new offering from Goliath Games. Granny of the game is pin-curl coiffed, dons granny glasses, a lace-collared dress, and knee-high socks with pink slippers. She's wrinkled about the mouth and forehead and wears dentures that fly from her mouth when startled. She naps in a recliner, arthritic hands clutching the arms.


She's the stereotypical grandma caricature of comics and cartoons and commercials created by folks who apparently haven't seen a real grandma in several decades. A kind of grandma I can't imagine any child born in the past 30 years has ever seen, as grandmas are nothing like the stereotype. Or like Greedy Granny.

That said, it's silly to get one's grandma briefs in a bunch over the depiction, as Greedy Granny — stereotype or not — was surely innocently crafted for nothing but fun. And fun the game definitely is.

Greedy Granny is intended for ages 4 and up (age 3, according to the website) and two to four players. The rules are super simple, the play an unexpectedly goofy good time.

The gist of Greedy Granny game play

• Fill Granny's tray with the four different types of goodies.

• Lean Granny back in her recliner, eyes closed and dentures safe inside her mouth.


• Players take turns spinning the "treat wheel" to see how many times Granny's chairside button must be pressed before nabbing a treat from her tray. The goal is to collect one of each treat.

• Buuut... Greedy Granny awakes on random pushes of the button! She pops upright, her eyes pop open, her dentures fly from her mouth — and she freaks out whomever may be trying to swipe a snack while she slept. (Well, she certainly freaked out me each time!)

Gah! Granny lost her dentures!

Gah! Granny lost her dentures!

• If Granny awakes during a player's turn, all their collected snacks must be placed back on Granny's tray, Granny goes back to napping position and play resumes with the next nervy snack-snatcher.

• Whoever collects one of each of Granny's snacks first is the winner.

So simple even my three-year-old grandson could play — and enjoy — Greedy Granny. Which appeals to me as a grandma because when playing games with my grandsons, I usually find that one may be suitable for the older ones, but not the younger. Or vice versa. Greedy Granny is goofy fun for all ages, with everyone, regardless of age, wincing in anticipation with each press of the purple button that Granny would pop awake and startle one and all with her loose dentures and soaring snacks.


Greedy Granny from Goliath Games is available exclusively at ToysRus (MSRP $24.99). Find out more about this game and others from Goliath Games at

Disclosure: I received this game free for review; opinions are my own.