SafetyTat Quick Stick Write-On! tattoos ideal for 'just in case' scenarios

I was once upon a time a rather paranoid mother. I devised code words my kids knew would need to be uttered by anyone offering to pick them up from school or social events. I made sure they knew their home phone and address. And I read to them countless times the "Never Talk To Strangers" book that was popular at the time.

safety tat

If SafetyTat Quick Stick Write-On! tattoos had existed when my girls were little, I guarantee the girls would have regularly worn the write-on temporary tattoos any time they attended outings with others. During class trips. Girl Scout events. Birthday parties held in public places. Heck, even when attending special events with the family, from fireworks displays and amusement park visits in the summer to hay rides and holiday parades in the winter and more.

SafetyTats provides peace of mind for parents when kids are out and about. As the SafetyTat tagline says, "Just in case." The SafetyTat line is extensive, with temporary tattoos of all sorts, including tats alerting others to a child's allergies or special needs.

I received free for review the SafetyTat Quick Stick Write-On version. The colorful tattoos come with a blank space to personalize the phone number (or whatever one might choose) with the included marking pen. The tattoos are designed to last up to two weeks — but are easily removed when parents (or kids) choose to peel them off.

I tried out the SafetyTat tattoos on Bud — the bloggy nickname of the son of my eldest daughter's boyfriend — when he attended his first extended family celebration with us. With lots of kids and other folks Bud and his dad had never met, the SafetyTats would bring a smidgen of peace of mind to his dad and the rest of us. Just in case.

Directions for SafetyTat Quick Stick Write-On! are as follows:

safetytat directions 

At the family gathering, Bud and I followed them exactly:

Select area, then clean and dry (with the supplied alcohol swabs)...


Peel SafetyTat from large backing, apply to kiddo then hold in place 20 seconds...


Carefully remove backing...



Write phone number...


There you have it! Safely labeled with SafetyTat — just in case!

safetytat(Phone number obscured in photo for obvious reasons.)

Once done, Bud proudly sported his SafetyTat all afternoon then with his buddies at home that evening. The next day, a new one was applied for our family outing to a Rockies baseball game. Again, peace of mind for one and all... just in case. And a pretty nifty temporary tattoo for Bud.

SafetyTats are ideal for grandparents to have on hand for outings with the grandkids, just in case grandparents and grandkids get separated. You just never know. The temporary tattoos will provide peace of mind for not only Grandma and Grandpa but for Mom and Dad, too. And, like Bud, the kids will have a pretty nifty tattoo to mark the occasion — for up to two weeks, that is. 

SafetyTats can be found online at, and other online retailers. Retail prices range from $7.99 to $20.99.

Disclosure: I received this product free for review. Opinions and anecdotes are my own.