Labeling Epson LabelWorks and iron-on labels AWESOME

I have a long history of labeling things. I label books I've read so I know which of my many books I've finished. I label movies I loan out so I'm sure to get them back. I even used to label my athletic socks that looked just like those my then-teen daughters had so I was sure to wear my own, not theirs (and vice versa).

I believe my affection for labeling began 32+ years ago, when my husband and I — then just dating and coworkers — worked together one evening labeling this and that around our place of employment. During a break in our labeling shelves and storage spots, I used the label-making gun with the dial for letters to type out a secret message pig-Latin love note to my hubby. He still, all these decades later, has that black tape featuring white letters saying, "Iay ovelay ouyay."

And I still have an obsession with labeling.

Epson labelworks

So when I was offered the opportunity to review for free the Epson LabelWorks printer (LW-600P) and iron-on tape for labeling clothing and other materials, it took no time at all for me to say "Eckhay eahyay!" (Translated for those unlearned in pig Latin: "Heck yeah!")

The Epson LabelWorks printer is an app-enabled label printer that prints from smartphones, iPods and tablets via Bluetooth connection or PCs and Macs via an included USB cable. The printer can print labels ranging from 1/4-inch to 1-inch wide, in a variety of mediums including iron-on tape, peel-and-stick tape, metallic tapes, ribbons and more.

epson labelworks

Set-up was surprisingly simple. I downloaded the free Epson iLabel app to my phone, connected my phone and printer via Bluetooth, and I was ready to get labeling in mere minutes. To try out the printer, the first label I made was to label my Epson LabelWorks printer, using the included easy-peel tape. The second? A label for my husband, of course (no pig Latin this time; just a straightforward "I love you" with a graphic from the more than 400 in the app).

iLabel graphics.jpg

Then I set to work creating iron-on labels for some back-to-school clothing I planned to mail my grandsons. Swapping out the easy-peel label cartridge with the iron-on cartridge was simple as could be.

epson labelworks

As I'd not ironed on a label in quite some years, I first printed a label with my grandsons' bloggy nicknames to practice ironing on to a cloth napkin.

epson labelworks

Because there were no directions on the iron-on tape, I believe I had the setting too high and ironed the tape a wee bit too crispy.

epson labelworks

But with that in mind, I added labels to the clothing for my favorite kiddos. With the heat setting on the iron a tad lower, the labels came out beautifully on the clothing (which I can't show here because I don't reveal my grandsons' real names — and wasn't willing to label their clothing with their bloggy nicknames). The labels were soft, so no uncomfortable labels would scratch the necklines of the boys. They were also impossible to remove. Per my daughter, the labels held up to washings, as well.

All in all, the Epson LabelWorks 1.2-inch iron-on  label tape was everything one could want in an iron-on label. Even more, though, considering the personalization that can be done with the Epson LabelWorks printer paired with iLabel app.

epson labelworks

Everything about the Epson LabelWorks printer, the LabelWorks tape, and the iLabel app worked like a dream — minus a few times the printer and the app lost connectivity (though that could be related to my internet connection more than anything). The printer is the smallest 1-inch tape printer on the market (compare it to my iPhone in the photos above) and is portable.

With the ability to create personalized ribbons for holidays and birthdays, book labels, clothing labels and more, I see labels galore in my grandsons' future.

No doubt more "I love you" labels in my husband's future, as well.

The Epson LabelWorks printer LW-600P has a suggested price of $99 and comes with the printer, USB cable, AC adapter (for use when not powered by six AA batteries), and sample tape.

Features include:

• “True-view” label preview capability using the camera function to ensure labels perfectly match what’s on the screen

• Wirelessly create, edit and print labels

• Handwriting mode for custom drawing or annotation of labels using the touch screen interface

• Speech-to-text voice transcription and printing

• In-app storage of created label for future use

• Import of custom graphics such as symbols, logos and photographs to copy & paste onto labels for a more professional look or to add a personalized touch

• Creation of QR code labels for content sharing or barcode labels for inventory management which can be scanned by third-party QR/barcode apps

The Epson LabelWorks Iron On tape runs $19.99, with many other tape designs, colors (including glow in the dark!), and mediums available for various prices.

The Epson LabelWorks LW600P printer and the full line of LabelWorks label tape can be purchased at

Disclosure: I received this product free for review. Opinions and anecdotes are my own.