Summer six pack: While away dog days with Pressman Toy and Goliath Games

Though school bells beckon in the distance, there's still a fair share of summertime to spare. Why not gather the grands and try your hands at these six entertaining options for school-age kids and older?

I received the six following toys and games from Pressman Toy and Goliath Games free for review, and my review buddy, James, and I had a blast putting each to the test.


Domino Rally Ultra Power

Ages 6+ / Goliath Games



Zoom Ball

Ages 6+ / 2 players / Goliath Games



Kids Know Best

Ages 6+ / 2-4 players / Pressman Toy


Battling Bones

Ages 7+ / 2-4 players / Pressman Toy

From the Pressman Toy website: "Battling Bones Dice Game is a fast-moving activity with a wild side. Players roll all 10 of their color dice at the same time. Dice that come up bones are wild – they count for any number you want. Keep rolling until one player has all 10 of their dice with the same number."


Ship of Treasures

Ages 6+ / 2-4 players / Pressman Toy




Ages 10+ / 2-4 players / Goliath Games

My husband and I enjoyed this one, as James is a couple years to young for the fun.

From the Goliath Games website: Kwirky is "a fast moving, quick-thinking, bluff and banter quiz game for family and friends. Quick wit and cheeky confidence are as important as knowledge in this game where you decide the answers! Players answer as many questions as they can before the sand timer runs out. Careful, someone might challenge your answer if you don’t show your confidence!"

Visit GOLIATH GAMES and PRESSMAN TOY for additional details—including links to retailers—on these games and many more. (Prices vary by game and retailer.)

Disclosure: I received these products free for review; opinions expressed in the photos belong 100% to James. Videos plus photos of Kids Know Best and Kwirky contents courtesy the game makers.