Brief book review: Unconditional Love by Jane Isay

I recently noticed a new "guide to grandparenting" book making the review rounds on several of my favorite grandma blogger sites. Soon after perusing their thoughts, I was offered the opportunity to check out the book myself.

The book, Unconditional Love by Jane Isay, features the intriguing subtitle, "A guide to navigating the joys and challenges of being a grandparent today."

Upon reading Isay's thoughts and interviews with numerous grandmothers, it seems Unconditional Love can be wholly summed up in an insight from Isay early in the book:

It takes self-control to abide by the wishes of our grown children, when we have so much more experience and the broad perspective of time. But as we respect their wishes and follow their rules, we send a signal that we understand the shift of power that is taking place. In this situation, as in many, respect makes life easier and keeps the welcome mat out.

There's certainly more to it than that, of course, more worth reading, more grandmothers should read. And my fellow grandma bloggers shared valuable insights on the "more" in their comprehensive reviews of the book (more on those below). Yet as many Grandma's Briefs readers know, brief book reviews fit my Grandma's Briefs style and sensibility more so than comprehensive critiques and outlines. Hence this,  my Brief Book Review of Unconditional Love by Jane Isay:

There you have it, my short yet sincere—and super easy to share on social media, so please do!—review of Unconditional Love by Jane Isay.

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Unconditional Love by Jane Isay (affiliate link) was published in March of this year by Harper, an imprint of HarperCollinsPublishers, and is available on Amazon and other bookseller. Learn more about Isay and her other best-selling books at

Disclosure: I received this book free for review; opinions are my own.