Every dog has a tale: Mickey, IAMS, and a dog named Duck

My youngest daughter, now 30 years old, had an interesting technique for naming her pets when she was young. She would consider things she admired or loved, then name the animal after that. It made for interesting conversation, as well as curious glances from neighbors when the cat she'd named "Shannon"—after her oldest sister's friend, whom she adored—got out at night. Neighbors who didn't know us well surely wondered about the child who required our nightly shouts to return home.

When our youngest went off to college and my husband and I rescued an abandoned puppy, we wanted our daughter to still feel she had a hand in the doings at home despite being hundreds of miles away. So we allowed her to name the pup. Following her standby pet-naming technique, our daughter considered the Caramel Macchiato coffee drinks she'd been consuming between classes and how the coloring of our new dog perfectly matched the creamy, tan, and brown of her favorite caffeine kick.

pit/pointer puppy

"Caramel Macchiato!" she gleefully gave us the name.

Being unwilling to back down on our promise to name the new family dog, we allowed it—with the caveat that the pup's nickname and most oft used moniker shall be "Mickey."

pit/pointer dog

Thus Mickey he became more than 10 years ago and Mickey he remains to this day.

aging dog  

IAMS™ Brand knows every dog has a tale related to how he or she was named. In celebration of those stories and that meaningful connections that come from long-term relationships between pets and their owners, IAMS™ has released a new campaign titled "Duck," featuring a heartwarming video relating the story of how one dog got his name. "Duck" also highlights the important role of IAMS™ food in keeping beloved canine family members healthy and active throughout life with noticeably better nutrition.

Take a look at "Duck"—the key feature of IAMS™ Brand's first creative campaign since becoming part of Mars Petcare:

So sweet! That video brings tears to my eyes, especially as the boy becomes a young man... and Duck's graying snout reminds me of my Mickey's aging face.

From the puppy years to the golden, er, graying years, IAMS™ ProActive Health are a key component to helping enhance dogs' health at every life stage—allowing dog owners to appreciate and enjoy every step of the special relationship with their pets throughout life. IAMS™ products help dogs stay vibrant and active because they are based on years of research and dedication to pet health.

IAMS™ ProActive Health products are fortified with essential minerals to help build strong bones. They're also enriched with antioxidants to help develop a strong immune system and build strong, firm muscles with protein sourced from chicken and egg.

The right diet can do amazing things for pets, IAMS™ believes, things such:

  • boosing immunity
  • helping maintain muscle
  • helping to promote healthy digestion
  • reduce tartar buildup

IAMS™ are available for purchase now at pet stores and other retailers nationwide. For more information on IAMS™ products, visit www.iams.com, www.facebook.com/iams, or www.twitter.com/IAMS.

To view another heartwarming video from IAMS™—the best-performing "Casey" from a 1999 campaign, highlighting the lifelylong story of a girl and her dog—click here to view the touching tale that will surely resonate with all pet owners.

What's the tale of your dog's name? Please share in the comments!

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