Warm up with 'CURIOUS CRITTERS Volume Two'

Considering all the snow and cold outside, it's a great time to warm up indoors with some curious critters. Specifically, the critters found in CURIOUS CRITTERS Volume Two, the latest captivating look at the best nature has to offer, courtesy David FitzSimmons and his masterful photography skills.

Curious Critters Volume Two

CURIOUS CRITTERS Volume Two has beautiful critters...

curious critters page spread

And cringe-inducing critters...

curious critters page spread

As well as some just plain, well, curious critters, too...

curious critters page spread

The incredible photos and lighthearted — yet edifying — text accompanying each critter in CURIOUS CRITTERS Volume Two mesmerize readers. Like CURIOUS CRITTERS Volume One, young kiddos can't help but be enraptured by the colorful images while older kids and adults appreciate the fun and factual stories told in each critter's own words. The "natural history," glossary and comparison of life-size silhouettes at the back of the book enhance awareness of the critters as well as their place in and impact on the environment.

CURIOUS CRITTERS Volume Two by David FitzSimmons has a suggested retail price of $19.95. Audiobooks for both CURIOUS CRITTERS Volume Two and Volume One — including a children's theme song — are available on the Wild Iris Publishing web site, which has sample tracks and full MP3s available for purchase and download.

For more information on the award-winning books from David FitzSimmons, visit the CURIOUS CRITTERS website.

Disclosure: I received this book free for review; opinions are mine alone and were not swayed by the fact this was a freebie.