Top That! A mad dash to match the magic hat stack game from Blue Orange Games

Not too long ago, my buddy/reviewer Bud helped me try out a new game from Blue Orange Games called Dr. Eureka. It was loads of fun... but a tad challenging for Bud because of the manual dexterity involved in moving mini balls about ("molecules") to match the winning formula on game cards.

This game turned out a bit easier for my review partner.

top that! from blue orange games

Top That! from Blue Orange Games has very similar game play as Dr. Eureka — but was far more fun for Bud during our recent review play because the pieces (magic props) to be stacked and swapped and such to match what's on the game card before all the other players were much, much easier to manipulate.

Which means he won each round far more often than Brianna or I did. And was pretty thrilled with his magical matching prowess.

Here's the magic of the Blue Orange Games Top That! Dash to match the magic hat stack!:

And here's a glimpse at Bud enjoying several rounds (game play lasts an easy 10 minutes each game) with Brianna and me of Top That! — and winning... time after time:

top that! from blue orange games 

Bud, Brianna, and I all agreed Top That! made us think — and scramble — to get the top hats, tubes, cups, coins, and rabbits in the right places before our opponents.

We also all agreed it's a mighty fun game. You and your mini magicians will surely enjoy the madcap matching game, as well.

Top That! (MSRP $21) is for 2-4 players, ages 6 and up. Beyond fun, the game encourages skills — for young players as well as the, ahem, more mature — including problem solving, fine motor skills, processing speed, attention and more. Top That! can be purchased most places toys are sold. Find out more at