Life Reimagined: Seeking support to get unstuck

I'm stuck. In my career, for starters. I used to be creative, used to be fairly prolific.

Not lately. I'm stuck in a spot where I'm unable to write as well — and as often — as I'd like. Unable to even come up with creative ideas to put to paper or pixel.

My stuck state applies to more than my career. I'm pert-near paralyzed personally, too, due to hefty medical, marital, and monetary hurdles I've clumsily crawled across in the past year.

I'm stuck and need assistance getting unstuck.

life reimaginedLife Reimagined to the rescue! 

I was serendipitously invited to participate in a paid campaign about AARP's new online subscription-based service designed to help American adults navigate life — from bumps in the road to major transitions to full-blown makeovers of life missions and goals — at the very moment I was most overwhelmed by not being where I want to be in all areas of my life... and unsure of where I even really want to be in most.

Life Reimagined has a plethora of tools to help...

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Going Gypsy: One Couple's Adventure From Empty Nest To No Nest At All (book review)

I've had the distinct pleasure of attending a few blog events alongside Veronica and David James, the amusing and adventurous couple who, once their nest emptied, sold the nest and took off to live a gypsy lifestyle on the road—and rails and seas and skies. They've long chronicled their trotting across the globe on their popular website, The GypsyNester.

going gypsy

The last time I attended a conference with Veronica and David, they gave me what turned out to be...

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