Shape Mags Magnetic Stick N' Stack Tiles: Innovative magnetic fun (Review)

Before I delve into my review of Shape Mags Magnetic Stick N' Stack playsets, I must first apologize.

I must apologize for using the "C" word here. That "C" word being, well, Christmas.

See, if you're anything like me, you abhor the idea of considering Christmas before summer has even come to a close. But, as these nifty playsets are ideal, imagination-stretching gifts for girls and boys of all ages (well, age 3+ is the recommendation), I simply must note that Shape Mags are absolutely perfect for giving — and getting... for Grandma's playroom — for Christmas.

There. I said it. Forgive me and let's move on... to the review.

shape mags

I received free for review the Shape Mags Magnetic Stick N' Stack Tiles Starter Set (60 piece), the Car Set (18 pieces) and the glossy, colorful, idea-filled Idea Book 2 with "Over 100 Ideas." So I invited over Bud (bloggy nickname), my local reviewer and now official step-grandson as his dad married my daughter in July. I was quite excited to share with Bud the award-winning toy — awards include honors from Parent Tested Parent Approved (PTPA) and a Tillywig Toy Award from Brain Child.

The Shape Mags playsets engage kids for hours of fun yet engage their minds, too, as it can take some thinking to make the various shapes fit together, in conventional and unconventional ways, from buildings to butterflies and beyond, depending on one's imagination.

The "imagination" part is key. When I set out the goodies on the table for Bud to dig in, he was first a little lost on what to do. My daughter mentioned it's partially because he's used to the building playsets that come with specific directions on exactly how to create this or that. Then the fun is done.

Though there is an idea book to prompt kids (and creative adults) on things that can be made with the plastic pieces with strategically placed magnets, there's no detailed instructions for Shape Mags. The idea is to use one's imagination.

Once Bud understood that — and flipped through the idea book for good measure and to jog his noggin' — he set to work on The Car Set.

A task he took quite seriously.

shape mags car set 

And soon found that winging it — building without detailed instruction — seriously fun, his people mover perfectly done.

As every people mover needs a structure in which to park at the end of the day, Bud and I got busy building a home base. The most important part, Bud stressed, is the garage.

He found plenty of pieces for a fabulous structure. (And applauded my sunroom idea for the roof.)

shape mags starter set

Getting the pieces to stick just so can be a bit of a challenge, Bud said, but once he figured out how angle the shapes just right to "grab" the nearby piece, building was a breeze.

shape mags

shape mags

And breaking it down was just as fun.

shape mags

One of the things I really loved about Shape Mags is that there are so many sets. I can imagine giving a child a starter set for one occasion then following up with others through time. And it would take a long time to get a child every one for there are more than twenty sets, from the 100-piece Classic Set to a 120-piece Classic Plus, 100- and 42-piece accessory sets, square sets, triangle sets, trains, fences, gates, mega stabilizers, domes, cars, and more.

Shape Mag prices vary depending on the set, of course, from about $20 on up to more than $100. They are durable, washable, and seem as though they'd last a lifetime, providing hours upon hours of imaginative fun. Find Shape Mags Magnetic Stick N' Stack Tiles on and through other toy retailers. You can learn much more about the innovative magnetic stick and stack shapes on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter, and at

shape mags car set

Disclosure: I received this product free for review; opinions are mine and my reviewer's.