Review: 'Woody' child costume

Bubby loves the Toy Story movies. So when I was offered the opportunity to review for free any costume of my choosing from, of course I chose their "Woody Quality Child Toddler Costume" ($24.97) for Bubby to try out.

I included the free Woody costume with a couple other costume pieces (a fireman hat and a policeman hat) in the big-brother gift I presented Bubby when recently visiting him and his brand-new baby brother. I think the photos tell you better than I could what he thought of the selection from the online costume store's Toy Story Costumes offerings:

He likes it, he really likes it!

Of course, Gramma, PawDad, Mom and his aunties thought he was absolutely adorable. (It's not that Preston disagreed; he just wasn't there when Bubby first tried it on.)

What I love about the Woody costume: The soft, one-piece costume fit Bubby comfortably and wasn't too hot for the desert climate in which he lives. The colors were vibrant and the replication of the Woody character's outfit was accurate. It went perfectly with Bubby's stick horse (as would any of the other cowboy costumes available).

What I didn't love so much: Cowboys run and ride horses and sling guns like a master, all of which require extensive movement that caused Bubby's cowboy hat to fall off again and again. I commented that a string on it would have been helpful, but as Megan pointed out, that would likely be considered a choking hazard on a child's costume. Maybe a way to tighten the hat to fit a child's head would be preferable. Whatever the solution, a way to keep one's hat on would have been appreciated by the wee cowboy.

Bottom line: Bubby enjoyed the costume, regardless of the hat issue. Not only would it be an awesome Halloween costume, it's a great addition to a dress-up-and-pretend collection.