Hanukkah Bingo from Jewish Holidays In A Box (game review)

Hanukkah begins on December 6 this year, which means there's still plenty of time to order this fun and affordable game to enjoy with loved ones.

Hanukkah Bingo from Jewish Holidays in a Box is, well, BINGO... with a Hanukkah twist! It's a quick game all ages, from toddlers on up to grandmas and grandpas (great grandparents, too) will enjoy, especially those little ones for whom even Candyland lasts a wee bit too long.

Hanukkah bingo game 

Hanukkah Bingo comes with four playing boards, two boards of Hanukkah symbol cards to cut apart for game play, and a page of instructions and symbol explanations. All you need to supply is markers or tokens of some sort. I have the marble-like pieces from my Mancala game, but candies, pennies, nuts or whatever else you may find (that doesn't roll) will work.

hanukkah bingo

Once the symbol cards are cut apart, game play is just like BINGO, with cards drawn from a stack instead of numbers pulled from a cage. The caller pulls a card, players mark the boards with the tokens, and the first to have three in a row horizontally, vertically or diagonally yells BINGO and wins the game!

hanukkah bingo

Super fast fun! And easy confirmation of the win as the drawn cards are easy to match with the winning row.

The playing boards, cards, and instructions are all sturdy shiny cardstock and sure to last years. And wipeable, in the (likely) event little ones may have sticky hands at some point during play.

What I especially appreciate about the game, as someone who is not Jewish, is the explanation of the symbols. I did know what doughnuts, latkes, and cookies are, but I didn't know the role such goodies play in Jewish traditions. I definitely didn't know what gelt and the Hebrew letters — gimel, shin and more — either, but now I do. And kids who play with me will, too.

hanukkah bingo 

One need not be Jewish to enjoy Hanukkah Bingo. It's a fun, educational, and affordable family game that earned an A rating in all categories from ToyTips.com (including TTT — Toy Tips and Trusted — status). As is the case with all products from Jewish Holidays In A Box, Hanukkah Bingo is made in the USA, assembled by adults with developmental disabilities.

Hanukkah Bingo is available on Amazon.com for $12.99 (with free shipping for Prime members). The game comes in a sturdy translucent envelope so there's no game box to fall apart over the years, and it takes up limited space (making it super for toting in one's Grandma Bag!).

Learn more about the Hanukkah Bingo — and other products from its maker — at JewishHolidaysInABox.com.

Disclosure: I received this game free for review; opinions are my own.