Great games for GRAND kids: More from Goliath Games and Pressman Toy

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Whether for birthdays, holidays, or any ol' days of ordinary sorts, games make great gifts for grandkids. Or for grandparents to keep on hand for playing with visiting kiddos.

Goliath Games and Pressman Toy — makers of the games featured in my rundown of games for holiday giving — recently sent me free for review two more options for getting the good times rolling with your favorite grands. 

Build or BOOM from Goliath Games and Topple Chrome from Pressman Toy do more than make kids giggle, though. Gameplay for both develop STEM skills, too, by encouraging shape recognition, analytical thinking, putting basic physics principles into practice, and more.

James, my trusty game-reviewing grand, put both to the test. First up, the one that turned out to be his favorite.

Build or BOOM

(Ages 4 years and up; 2 players; $24.95 MSRP; Goliath Games)

I have to admit, James beat me most rounds we played — and was thrilled beyond what a child should be when whipping Gramma at a game each time he made my structure go BOOM!

Additional fun for him was creating his own challenge cards on the DIY cards and stickers included in the Expansion Pack included with my review game.

build or boom.jpg

Next up was one James had played before — in the basic version, making the Chrome edition a challenging treat.

Topple Chrome

(Ages 6 years and up; 2-4 players; $18 MSRP; Pressman Toy)

Topple Chrome was especially fun for James when Jim arrived home from work mid reviewing and played a round with us. Even more fun for both when I bowed out and let the boys be boys, challenging one another in wacky, wild ways.


Visit Goliath Games and Pressman Toy for more on these games (and others), including where to purchase them.

Disclosure: I received these games free for review; opinions are mine (and my fellow reviewer).