Family, 'Let's Talk' card game kicks off inter-generational conversation

My biggest missed opportunity was?

I'm grateful we've never had any ________ in the family.

What pop songs or album would you want to hear performed by a full orchestra?

I'd be willing to do ________ for a million dollars.

The teacher who turned on the brightest light for me?

Those enlightening questions are just a few of those friends and family not sitting at the little kid table will enjoy answering during dinner conversation this holiday season when the Family, Let's Talk card game is on hand.

family, let's talk card game

Family, Let's Talk is a deck of 412 cards (402 questions and 10 cards to write your own) that generate inter-generational conversation on everything from memories, regrets, and hopes to the future to important things families should discuss but often can't find the right moment to bring up. Questions such as:

I have or have not done a Do Not Resuscitate document?

My list of passwords for my computer, mobile devices and accounts are located?

I do or do not wish to be an organ donor?

Besides my safe deposit box, copies of my Will, Power of Attorney and Do Not Resuscitate document are located?

Questions not typically considered game play. It works, though, with Family, Let's Talk as those serious questions related to aging are interspersed with the fun, sentimental, revealing ones.

Game play goes like this:

family, let's talk game 

My favorite rule: "Game cannot end on an argument."

Like most families, in my family we tend to make up our own rules—or tweak them a tad—when playing games, and my tweak for Family, Let's Talk is to simply set the deck on the table, take turns pulling out a question, and everyone discuss.

Or, as I did with my husband upon receiving the game free for review, I plucked cards, asked questions of him, he answered, then he did the same for me. (Believe it or not, after nearly 35 years together there are still a few things we've not asked about one another. Now we know.)

family, let's talk game

Family, Let's Talk brings up various conversational topics that help the generations better understand one another and helps provide insight on an aging loved one's wishes without it being a heavy, uncomfortable conversation no one really wants to have. The important questions mixed with the lighthearted make for a comfortable discussion that will surely include chuckles and perhaps even some tears. Plus thought-provoking points and family history the family members may not have previously considered or even known.

But no arguments. Thanks to that final rule.

Family, Let's Talk is intended for ages 13 and up (folks sitting at the grown-up table) and can be played with as few as two players on up to "a bunch." Of course, perusing the questions on one's own is pretty enlightening, too, I must admit.

Look for Family, Let's Talk ($25) on (not an affiliate link). And find out more about the game at

Disclosure: I received this product free for review; opinions are my own.