DOZZI Natural White Noise Machine by WITTI a doozy of a baby shower gift

My newest grandson will soon arrive, and the baby shower for his mama — my eldest daughter — is on the calendar. With Brianna's shower scheduled, all things baby have been on my brain lately. She'll receive a nursery glider from her dad and me (not a secret, so no spoiler here) but I plan to present her with a few other little goodies, too, as grandmas do.

Yet as I peruse the possibilities, everything seems so, well, generic, typical, common. All that's on Brianna's registry is adorable, yes, but I'm looking for something a little different, useful gifts versus overly sentimental. (Though have no doubt, a few tearjerker treats will be passed along, too.)

Enter an email from a representative for WITTI Design, a creative company with the tagline "Amazing Little Things," offering me the opportunity to review its innovative "Natural White Noise Machine" called DOZZI. The offer touted the benefits of white noise for helping babies get to sleep and stay asleep... and I was instantly sold. Sounded like a different sort of shower gift, for sure.

And that it is. The DOZZI Natural White Noise Machine by WITTI Design is a sleek little slumber inducer that emits a mechanical fan noise to mask noises, lulling babes to sleep and keeping them sleeping longer.

The fan speed and tone are adjustable, and the unit includes a "16 million color mood light" that can also be adjusted in brightness as well as making it static (or not on at all). An optional timer allows setting the DOZZI to turn off after 60 minutes or 120. Plus, there's USB charging port, which is especially handy for non-nursery DOZZI users.

How the DOZZI by WITTI Design works:

Considering the copious options for sound and lullaby machines out there, why might a grandma choose to give a white noise machine instead? Because the wow factor behind the white noise magic is based on research. The introductory email from WITTI Design stated, "A study published in the Archives of Disease in Childhood* found that white noise can help babies sleep better. Out of their research observations, they found 80% of newborns were able to fall asleep within 5 minutes of hearing white noise."

I visited the included link to the source and, sure enough, research supports the DOZZI claims. This in particular pleased this grandma who knows darn well the importance of quality sleep for a little one's health and wellness:

Records of intrauterine sounds calm babies and one study found that four out of five infants fell asleep, although the effectiveness of such noise has often been judged solely by the mother. Quiet sleep in 4 day old neonates was reached significantly sooner and its duration was prolonged by 20% when exposed to continuous white noise.

The DOZZI works for older folks, too, as proven by my husband during my several night trial of the sample DOZZI. Sleep is typically elusive for my chronic pain-plagued hubby, but he slept through the night three nights running with the DOZZI. Unheard of. And the white noise worked for me, too, masking my husband's snoring — a win-win for us both!

Not only is the white noise machine effective, it fits well with any decor. The DOZZI sports smart, hip styling yet fit perfectly right alongside the heirloom bowl and pitcher from my mother-in-law that adorns my dresser.

I have no doubt the compact — useful and different — DOZZI will blend in fabulously with the adorable nursery my daughter and son-in-law have prepared for their little one.

Find out more about the DOZZI Natural White Noise Machine ($49.99) on the WITTI Design website.

Disclosure: I received this product free for review; opinions are my own.