Holiday gift ideas for grandkids: Toy time!

Holiday gift ideas for grandkids: Toy time!

Seeking unique screen-free toys for the girls and boys on your holiday list?

Check out these five fun gift ideas for your grandkids, all reviewed and recommended by my grandkids.

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Homestar Original Home Planetarium: Sega Toys moves stars from the sky to your ceiling

When my daughters were young, my husband and I used to take them camping to a family spot far from the city, far from city lights. One of our favorite activities while out in the wilderness was to stare up at the night sky and look for constellations and shooting stars.

homestar original

The Homestar Original Home Planetarium (which I received free for review) provides the same experience. For the most part. We can't build a campfire indoors, and we thankfully don't hear packs of coyotes off in the not-too-far distance. We do, though, see 60,000 twinkling stars — some of them shooting, even — plus constellations galore, right on...

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ASUS MeMO Pad 7 LTE tablet: A super tool for Intel's Family Skill Swap and more

Chances are your grandchildren know a whole lot more than you. At least about some high-tech gadgets and games and such.

You know a whole lot more than them, though, on other skills. Things like handicrafts and cooking crafts, playing musical instruments and more.

Considering the wealth of knowledge on their part and yours—albeit in different areas—how cool might it be to swap some of that knowledge, share those skills? Intel encourages grandparents to do exactly that by inviting a favorite youngster to swap skills between the generations.

Intel created an invitation for such swapping, something they call a Family Skill Swap. It looks like this:

Intel Family Skill Swap 

Click on that graphic for a PDF version you can print and pass along to a grandchild or two...

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AARP RealPad: Inexpensive tablet a simple solution for going digital (video review)

Have you been considering the AARP RealPad tablet as a gift for Mom or Dad in hopes of helping them get online this holiday season?

Or perhaps you've thought about picking up one as a handy dandy tablet for yourself?

AARP Real Pad review

I received an AARP RealPad from AARP free for review, and to help those...

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