Catch a falling star: Wherein my grandsons review Pop Rocket, coming this fall from Goliath Games

Game play is a given any time my grandkids and I get together. Despite last month's visit from my grandsons being their shortest stay ever, we still successfully fit in not only game time, but game review time.

Mere days before my desert-dwelling grandsons arrived at my door, I received a package from Goliath Games with new options for family fun launching at all major retailers this fall. First up for review by Brayden, Camden, Declan, and their Colorado-based cousin, James: Pop Rocket, featuring the intriguing tag line, Catch the most stars when he pops to win! 

Pop Rocket

(Ages 4+ / 2-4 players)

James, Brayden, and Camden present Pop Rocket from Goliath Games

Pop Rocket is simple to set up, simple to play, simple to win. In other words, it's a great game for a group with varied ages—my grands are 10, 10, 7, and 4—because there's no real strategy involved.

The level playing field made for fair fun for all, no whining from younger ones who didn't get how to play. All anxiously awaited the shooting stars, cups placed for catching.

The anticipation seemed to me the best part of the game (or at least elicited what I thought were the cutest pics of their play).

Winning is always the goal, of course, and Camden came away the champion star-catcher of the first game.


Multiple rounds followed, as all four boys were thoroughly enthralled with catching the shooting stars of Pop Rocket!

Grandkid consensus: Pop Rocket from Goliath Games is a winner!

Pop Rocket will launch this fall at all major retailers. Til then, visit Goliath Games to peruse all the fun and games currently available. And be sure to come back soon to read my reviews of additional games coming this fall from Goliath Games.

Disclosure: I received this game free for review; opinions are my own... and my grandsons'.