4 baby shower gifts for grandmas to give

This time of year, gift ideas naturally lean toward what to give (and get) for the holidays.

Despite the season, though, there are still babies being born, still showers being thrown. Which means many grandmothers and others seek goodies for giving newborns and new moms.

Here are four of my recent favorite baby shower gifts, perfect for grandmas to give whether they prefer passing along presents of a practical sort or something sweet and sentimental.


$59.95 https://fairytalebabybooks.com

2018-11-09 11.36.11.jpg

This beautifully illustrated keepsake documents little princes and princesses from the very beginning of their special stories. The whimsical 15-page tale features personalization, from Mommy’s cravings to newborn stats to hospital visitors, skin tone and more. The tale is told in Old English font with charming, colorful artwork printed on parchment-like paper. The pages are bound in an 8” x 9” leather-look, hardcover book with enchanting details front and back. I especially loved that the story was sent to me to proofread and approve before final printing. A unique, happy-ending, huggable tome parents and kiddos will cherish forever going forward.


$48.95 http://www.babyplaque.com

A lovely etched-wood custom keepsake (click images for detailed look) for hanging or displaying on the wall or standing atop the nursery dresser, bookshelf or such. Features baby’s stats—name, date/time of birth, hospital, place of birth, weight, and measurements—plus an optional genuine Swarovski® crystal birthstone (I opted out of that as Benjamin’s birthstone is pink which I figured Dad wouldn’t much love). The precious plaques are available in seven colors: oak, pink, blue, white, lavender, yellow, walnut. Cool option: The plaque can be given prior to birth, with the metal plates later custom personalized upon baby’s birth. Ordering this online was impressively simple, processing and shipping exceptionally speedy.


$29.99 https://infantino.com

Give Mom a helping hand that lasts for years with this comfy—for Mom and baby—convertible carrier. The sturdy yet soft fabric has oodles of features, including extra padded straps, adjustable head support, ergonomic styling, waist belt adjusts from 24 inches to 49 inches to fit all body types. The carrier fits newborns through toddlers (8-32 pounds) and provides four different carry positions: facing in with folded seat, facing in with expanded seat, facing out, and back carry. Mommy Brianna loves that once straps and buckles are comfortable set, they don’t need to be adjusted each time the carrier is used (by the same person). Benjamin obviously found it comfy for the duration of brother James’ football game.


$56.25 https://childsafetystore.com

A baby gate admittedly isn’t the cute and cuddly shower gift many might consider. But if Baby will be moving in on an animal’s space, a gate is the perfect present for Mom and Dad. And pups of all ages and stages. The stylish KidCo Designer Angle Mount Safeway gate from Child Safety Store is particularly ideal for stairs, especially if the walls to which the gate attaches aren’t perfectly parallel. And best of all, the gate swings open, meaning there’s no need to take it down each time people want to go in and out of the gated space. And, of course, the gate safely guards kiddos from tumbling down stairs once they are mobile—making it yet another gift from Grandma that will be useful for years.

Disclosure: I received the products above free for review; opinions are my own.