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    Michael Angelo's makes mealtime simple for empty nesters

    When my nest was full and three daughters plus my husband joined me for dinner nearly every evening, most of our meals were home cooked. I enjoyed cooking and serving up fresh favorites to my family.

    michael angelos baked ziti 

    Now that the nest is empty except for my husband and me, I still like serving up fresh favorites. I don't, though, care to cook

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    P&Geveryday shows how to regrow food from scraps... plus more smart tips

    Not too long ago, as I ate yet another avocado (I love avocados), I decided to try growing a plant from the pit. You know, by poking it with toothpicks and propping it atop a cup with its bottom half submerged in water.

    avocado from pit
    via Wikipedia

    Yeah, that.

    Soon after, as I...

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    So many grads, so many ideal gifts for them at Best Buy

    The following is a sponsored post for Best Buy.

    I have a large extended family, and this graduation season has seen the largest number of graduating nieces and nephews yet. Four of them have high-school diplomas, high honors and more.

    best buy greatest grad 

    Each of those kiddos, er, young adults is very different, with very different...

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    Sensational Buttercream Decorating by Carey Madden (cookbook review)

    My mom made my wedding cake — a lovely off-white, multi-tier affair with delicate, pale yellow flowers and piping. My mom also made the cake for my oldest daughter's first birthday celebration. It featured a fabulous and festive clown that still stands out in my mind more than 30 years later.

    Sensational Buttercream Decorating

    Such fantastic cakes were made...

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    British Sterling H.I.M.: A fabulous fragrance for Father's Day gifting

    My husband has long searched for a scent to call his own. Throughout our decades together he's tried this one or that, received various scents and smells as birthday gifts, Christmas gifts, Father's Day gifts and gifts to himself as he sought out a scent to perfectly please his senses — and mine. His luck was limited.

    British Sterling

    He has finally found it, though, in British Sterling H.I.M. fragrances. And I...

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    Red Baron Deep Dish Minis: Taste-tested by Grandma's boys

    One of the perks of being a blogging grandma is all the fun and tasty goodies I receive to try out with my grandsons. It's an especially fun and tasty perk when there's "pizza" in the product name.

    Red Baron Minis Deep Dish

    Schwan's Consumer Brands, Inc. has introduced...

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