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    '47 Ronin' an action-packed tale of honor and tradition, now on Blu-ray, DVD

    Keanu Reeves has had a relatively low big-screen profile for the past few years, it seems. But he's back in a big way, starring in 47 RONIN, an epic fantasy adventure released April 1 on 3D Blu-ray, Blu-ray and DVD combo packs.

    47 Ronin

    The 47 Ronin story is one of the oldest tales...

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    'At Middleton' is out on Blu-ray and DVD... and I have two copies to give away!

    This will be the easiest giveaway you've ever entered!

    I'm so thrilled to be able to share AT MIDDLETON with you that I'm making it easy peasy for one and all. Just say, "I want AT MIDDLETON" and you're entered to win the movie on DVD — entered twice, because I have two DVDs to give away.

    At Middleton poster

    Now, you may recall that AT MIDDLETON is...

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    Faith-based 'Iesodo' opens door to discussion, understanding

    Grandparents and Iesodo - Loveparents seeking animated videos that support Christian values and encourage faith and understanding in little ones will find that and much more in IESODO. The tagline for the series of DVDs is "Where Fun and Faith Take Flight" — a fitting description for the exceptionally produced tales youngsters will immediately take to.

    Iesodo (pronounced "YAY-Sa-Doe") means "The way of Jesus" and is...

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    Shopping for prom dresses... in an empty nest

    Numerous holes exist on the calendars of parents whose nests are empty. sponsored post badgeSchool functions and events that once ruled from sun up to sun down, Sunday through Saturday, January 1 through December 31 are now but memories. Memories of such days often elicit sighs of relief that they're over. Nearly as often, though, such memories elicit smiles.

    prom dress 

    For me, mother to three daughters born within a span of three years, springtime brings back smile-worthy memories of prom time. With three daughters close in age and all three attending nearly every prom...

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    The Healthy Slow Cooker: 135 Gluten-Free Recipes (REVIEW)

    Sometimes a cookbook is so much more than a compilation of recipes, and that's definitely the case with The Healthy Slow Cooker: 135 Gluten-Free Recipes for Health and Wellness by Judith Finlayson.

    The Healthy Slow Cooker

    This book, which I received free for review, features tasty, nutrient-dense recipes to create in a crock pot, but more so, it's jam-packed with tasty tidbits on...

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    YesVideo makes it simple for bloggers to share home videos

    I have sponsored post graphicvery few videos of when my daughters were young. Those I do have, though, are precious reminders of some of our favorite family moments.


    Not long ago, I wrote about YesVideo, a service that transfers precious home videos from VHS tapes and other old-timey video options (reel-to-reel, etc) to DVDs. YesVideo also stores those precious moments online in...

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