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    Brief book review: Don't Tell Her To Relax by Zahie El Kouri

    With more than 14 million American women unable to bear children, this thoughtful guide will help their loved ones understand how and when to be there for support during the challenging time.

    Disclosure: I received a free copy of this book for review; opinions are my own.


    SUBWAY® Restaurants' #YouShareWeShare campaign supports local charities

    This is a sponsored post, part of a paid SocialMoms and Subway® blogging program. The opinions and ideas expressed here are my own.

    I am not an athlete. I pat myself on the back for being able to walk my dogs a couple miles a few days a week or ride my bike about double that once or twice a month.

    I admire and respect athletes who can—and do—do more than that. Their dedication and commitment to their sports and being the best they can be inspires me. Never more so than when it comes to athletes of the Special Olympics. I'm not very athletic because of the limitations of multiple sclerosis. The incredible members of the Special Olympics team, though, are athletes in spite of their limitations, most of which are far more challenging than mine.

    I find that amazing and admirable. And I find it worth supporting.

    SUBWAY® Restaurants offers such support, not only to Special Olympics but to several charities throughout the USA and Canada. From now through August 31, 2015, more than 7,800 local SUBWAY® Restaurants across the US and Canada are participating in the "You Share. We Share." campaign to help support different charities.

    I'm pleased to say that the local charity the SUBWAY® Restaurants in Colorado Springs—my hometown—supports during the campaign is Special Olympics Colorado.

    SUBWAY supports Special Olympics Colorado 

    The "You Share. We Share." campaign encourages...

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    Every dog has a tale: Mickey, IAMS, and a dog named Duck

    My youngest daughter, now 30 years old, had an interesting technique for naming her pets when she was young. She would consider things she admired or loved, then name the animal after that. It made for interesting conversation, as well as curious glances from neighbors when the cat she'd named "Shannon"—after her oldest sister's friend, whom she adored—got out at night. Neighbors who didn't know us well surely wondered about the child who required our nightly shouts to return home.

    When our youngest went off to college and my husband and I rescued an abandoned puppy, we wanted our daughter to still feel she had a hand in the doings at home despite being hundreds of miles away. So we allowed her to name the pup. Following her standby pet-naming technique, our daughter considered the Caramel Macchiato coffee drinks she'd been consuming between classes and how the coloring of our new dog perfectly matched the creamy, tan, and brown of her favorite caffeine kick.

    pit/pointer puppy

    "Caramel Macchiato!" she gleefully gave us the name.

    Being unwilling to back down on our promise...

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    Fry without oil? Avalon Bay AB-Airfryer100R (video review)

    I've never liked to fry foods as it not only makes a great mess, it makes for fat-filled food that messes with my stomach.


    The Avalon Bay AB-Airfryer100R eliminates the mess as well as the need for oil when frying foods. I was...

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    Brief book review: Cell Phones Don't Work In Heaven

    A must-have for anyone who just might kick the bucket one day. (And isn't that all of us?)

    cell phones don't work in heaven review

    Disclosure: I received this book free for review; opinions are my own.


    Woman in Gold: Enter to win the DVD + others + $50 Visa gift card (giveaway)

    Updated on Tuesday, July 14, 2015 by Registered CommenterLisa Carpenter

    This is a sponsored giveaway. Compensation and prizing provided by Anchor Bay Entertainment.

    Is there any better female actor over the age of 50 than Helen Mirren? And is there any more talented (and handsome) Canadian actor than Ryan Reynolds? I think not.

    Though some may debate either—or both—of those assertions, there's no debating the intrigue and fine acting in WOMAN IN GOLD, the 2015 film which stars both Mirren and Reynolds.


    WOMAN IN GOLD is the remarkable true story of one...

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