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Meet the family

Jim (long-time hubby) and Lisa (me)

Andrea (youngest daughter) and Brianna (oldest daughter)

 mom and dad
Preston (son-in-law) and Megan (middle daughter)

grandsons and brothers
Mac, Jak and Bubby — Bloggy nicknames of Gramma's stars (children of Megan and Preston)



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    Grandma and her briefs turn 5

    ♪ They say it's your birthday! ♪

    blog anniversary

    It's not my birthday. Today is, though, the...

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    The know-it-all grandma and her acts of ignorance

    I'm often asked by family, friends — and sometimes even strangers — for answers and directions on a variety of topics. I'm happy to say that I can usually give them what they seek. My husband often jokingly calls me Google; my daughters consider me one of the best researchers they know.

    Which makes it difficult to not fancy myself a know-it-all at times.


    To keep things...

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    What a catch

    My oldest and youngest daughters, Brianna and Andrea, as well as Andrea's boyfriend, Matt, flew to the desert with Jim and me for Jak's baptism a little over a week ago.

    One of the days we were there, I gave Andrea my camera to snap pictures while Brianna and I swam with Mac and Bubby at the community water park. Upon returning home and going through my photos, I was pleasantly surprised by the following photo Andrea took of Mac practicing his swim moves.

    bird at swimming pool

    What a catch — for Andrea and for the Cheetos-nabbing blackbird.

    Today's question:

    When it comes to Cheetos, do you prefer the puffed ones or the crunchy ones?


    Finding balance: My 8 daily must-haves

    Yesterday I was interviewed by Ruth of Cranium Crunches for a podcast series she's creating as part of an exciting new venture of hers (which I'll surely share with you once up and running). The focus of the interview was on finding balance and navigating challenges and stress, in relation to creativity and purposeful living.

    books and papers

    Ruth's questions led me...

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    Jak meets PawDad, plus GRAND Social No. 114 link party

    Jak meets PawDad

    I visit my grandsons far more often than my husband does simply because I go to the desert to take care of the boys on a fairly regular basis when Megan and Preston must attend to business matters. So it was pretty darn fabulous that Jim came along for last week's visit.

    Especially great about this visit with our grandsons was that it was the very first time Jak and PawDad met.

    newborn grandson

    I think they...

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    Review: Michael Angelo's offers Italian options for empty nesters

    You should read this review of Michael Angelo's Gourmet Foods... just probably not when you're hungry!

    michael angelos baked ziti 

    Get the scoop here on these wholesome meal options that are ideal for empty nesters.


    Beyond grandparenting: 9 things I learned while in the desert

    I am a grandma. But as all grandparents know, far more goes into who we are and what we do than just those things related to our grandchildren.

    With that in mind, here are tidbits I learned while visiting the desert for Jak's baptism, lessons that have nothing to do with my primary focus of the trip (that being those awesome little critters I call my grandsons).

    learned while in the desert 

    1. I can still...

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    Strangers snapping special shots

    Twice during my time in the desert this past week, strangers offered — fully unsolicited — to photograph special shots of our family time.

    grandparents and grandchildren at movie

    First, after Jak's...

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