Levana Ovia digital baby monitor delivers video, pictures, lullabies, peace of mind

When my first grandson was born six years ago, my daughter depended on a baby monitor in the baby's room — first the eldest, then his brother three years later — to let her know all was well with the little one sleeping soundly — or not — in their crib, in their room.

My daughter is expecting her third boy, due to arrive soon, and in the short span of time from her first boy to this third one, baby monitors have gone high tech, far beyond simple audio ability. In consideration of that new grandbaby, I readily said YES when recently given the opportunity to try out for free the highest tech baby monitor of them all — the Ovia PTZ Baby Video Monitor — thinking what better gift can a grandma (or anyone with the $224.99 to cover the cost) give an expectant mother.

Levana Ovia 

If, that is, the Levana Ovia — meaning egg — delivers as...

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