An exclusive Grandma's Briefs Memory Match game from Cranium Crunches

Exercise your noggin' with this wonderful game made exclusively for Grandma's Briefs readers by Ruth Curran of Cranium Crunches. It's a fun challenge to enjoy with your loved ones — featuring plenty of photos of my loved ones — while providing a particularly good brain workout for us, um, folks of a certain age.

Ruth, the gracious game creator, explains the importance of such brain workouts:
Memory Match is a great short term/working memory exercise. It helps you work on your ability to overcome distractions, sort out similarities and differences, place items in space, and, in the case of these albums, work out your smile muscles! Racing the clock adds another couple elements — impulse control, thinking under pressure, and visual processing speed.  
What I like most about Memory Match is that, as the difficulty increases, you are required to think just a bit differently. You have to change your strategy when the photos get more similar in both subject matter and content. Good memory is about developing good strategies and I love a game that requires you to change (or at least vary) your strategy to get better. Another way to mix it up just a bit!

How to play

Choose a level, then click on the photo album and get clicking to make matches. It's that simple!

Please note: If, like me, your vision needs a workout, too, and the images are a little too small for visual comfort, PC users can increase the size by hitting CTRL and the + key to make the images as large as you like.

If after the first round the cards won't turn, simply refresh your browser to get things going again.

Enjoy! And do boast about your scores in the comments. (My best so far on Level 1 is 42 clicks.) Feel free to come back again and again to work out your memory muscles while having fun, either alone or with your grandkiddos.