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Thank you for visiting Grandma's Briefs, where I write on the good, bad, humorous and heartwarming of being a baby boomer, grandparent, parent to adult children, wife and writer. Peruse the place, leave a comment or two, and feel free to email me any time at

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 grandpa and grandma)
Jim (longtime hubby) and Lisa (me)

brianna and patrick
Brianna (oldest daughter) and Patrick (her boyfriend)

 Preston and Megan
Preston (son-in-law) and Megan (middle daughter)

Matt (Andrea's fiancé) and Andrea (youngest daughter)

three grandsons
Bubby, Jak, and Mac — Bloggy nicknames of Gramma's stars (Megan and Preston's boys)



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    Wherein I repeat myself. Again.

    I've said it before: Yesterday on Instagram.

    On Facebook, too.

    And I'll now say it again.

    And because I simply cannot wait for my GRAND Adventure to begin.

    One week from today.


    Today's question:

    What are you excited about today?


    9 people you'll meet as a grandparent

    people grandparents meet

    Otherwise known as the in-laws, or the other grandparents. These folks are now your partners for life in this grand gig called grandparenting. Partners in loving your grandchildren as only grandparents can. Hold them close. Have their back and they'll...

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    Changing the rules! Plus, GRAND Social No. 190 link party for grandparents

    Changing the rules

    must read must share

    For 189 weeks now (that's one hundred and eighty ninety!) I've invited grandparent bloggers to share links to their humorous, informative, and personally revealing blog posts. And it's been wonderful!

    Now, in week 190, it's time to change the rules. Because not every grandparent who reads Grandma's Briefs is a blogger. And because many of those...

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    Saturday movie review: Twinsters

    When it comes to book selections, I typically read a couple novels then alternate with a non-fiction of some sort, usually from the biography, memoir, or essay categories.

    I do the same with movies. I watch a few dramas then feel the need to balance out the fiction with something real, some sort of documentary. As I recently watched and reviewed THE REVENANT, CONCUSSION, and JOY (funny that they were all dramas based on true stories, right?), I found myself craving a documentary this week.


    The winner of my scroll through Netflix Streaming was TWINSTERS, an autobiographical film about a twenty-something Korean gal named Samantha who lived in California and, in a bizarre twist...

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    Homestar Original Home Planetarium from Sega Toys (Review)

    When my daughters were young, my husband and I used to take them camping to a family spot far from the city, far from city lights. One of our favorite activities while out in the wilderness was to stare up at the night sky and look for constellations and shooting stars.

    homestar original

    The Homestar Original Home Planetarium (which I received free for review) provides the same experience. For the most part. We can't build a campfire indoors, and we thankfully don't hear packs of coyotes off in the not-too-far distance. We do, though, see 60,000 twinkling stars — some of them shooting, even — plus constellations galore, right on...

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    The concussion discussion from a grandparent's perspective

    My Q&A with Being Brain Healthy author Ruth Curran

    concussion movie posterWill Smith's film CONCUSSION, based on the true story of one brave doctor's unrelenting efforts to enlighten the NFL about the effects of continual trauma to the brains of football players, has opened the eyes of many to the dangers of America's favorite sport. Concussions affect far more than just football players, though, and the movie has also opened the door for many important discussions about the effects of brain injuries of all sorts, suffered by all ages, regardless of the cause.

    I have long been concerned about concussions in my rambunctious, active, sports-loving grandsons, so I turned to Ruth Curran, author of Being Brain Healthy, to assuage some of the worries and concerns I have as a grandmother. See, grandparents, unless they're in a situation where they serve as primary caretaker for their grandchildren, have little say in the day-to-day care of their beloved grandkids, can't restrict certain sports or activities. That doesn't mean we have no concerns.

    being brain healthy by ruth curranHere, Curran addresses my concussion...

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    Don't miss a single word from your grandchildren (sponsored by

    Disclosure: The following is a paid advertisement; all content provided by


    Whether it’s the first words from our precious grandbabies, the joy of birds singing, the tinkling of a mountain stream, conversations, music of all kinds, the dynamic noise of everyday city life — our ears present the great pleasures of life. However, they are also one of our most vital early warning systems...

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    Perfectly natural, plus GRAND Social No. 189 link party for grandparents

    Perfectly natural

    My daughter, Megan, mother to my three grandsons, arranges for an annual family portrait with a professional photographer. Though the photos always look super to me from my biased grandma perspective, try as they might — photographer, Mom, and Dad — one or another of the boys (or parents) are looking away or blinking or being unhappy or uncooperative in each and every shot.

    The same happens when I attempt photos of all three boys together (as a trio or with me). Even more so when Megan and Preston pose with their boys. The results tend to be far from perfect when seeking perfection.

    family at beach

    Megan and Preston visited San Diego over the weekend, the boys in tow as

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