Why things are getting squirrelly

Each time I've taken my dogs for a walk in the past few weeks, they've shown intense interest in a spot at the base of the gate we walk through.

On Saturday I learned why my dogs have been acting so squirrelly.

Saturday was a gray and chilly day at my place. As I headed toward the living room couch to snuggle up with a book, I glanced out the window at that gate the dogs and I go through. I glanced that way because this had caught my eye:

baby squirrels 

Squirrels. Baby squirrels who apparently live in a nook or cranny at the bottom of our fence, near the gate the dogs and I go through for our walks.

baby squirrels

The little guys were venturing out for what may possibly have been their first outing. Or so it seemed, based on their skittish behavior — despite direction from the braver of the three.

baby squirrels

That brave one even took a close look at me as I snapped shot after shot through the window.

baby squirrels

Seeing me rendered him not so brave at all, though... and he let his siblings know to ruuuuuunnnnnnn!

baby squirrels

Run they did, right down a hole I never even knew was there. Not long after, the little brave bro popped his head out to see if the coast was clear.

baby squirrels 

Apparently it wasn't clear enough for further adventures, as I didn't see the three amigos again the rest of the day.

Sunday, though, I noticed Mom relaxing near the entrance to her babies' hideout.

mama squirrel resting 

She soon spotted me playing paparazzi at the window...

Mama squirrels

... and had no qualms about telling me to back away from her babies.

unhappy mama squirrel 

I get a mother's desire to protect her babes, so I immediately backed off.

I can't promise Mickey and Lyla will do the same, though, next time we head out for our walk.

I'm steeling myself for things to possibly get even more squirrelly around here in the days to come.

Today's question:

How squirrelly are things around your place?