Whistlin' pixie: Why Grandma loves technology

In yet another edition of Why This Long-Distance Grandma Loves Technology, consider this:

Without the ever-so-awesome technology known as smart phones, I would find it far more difficult — perhaps even impossible — to accept that my only grandchildren (at this point) live more than 800 miles away from me. Because without such, I would never get the regular texts, photos, and FaceTime that allow me to "see" my grandsons despite the distance.

The most recent example is the following photo and text Megan sent me the other day, the subject being Jak.

The photo:

whistling baby

The text:

Whistling at hot babes at the pool :)

Yes, this long-distance grandma loves technology.

And her adorable Jak.

And Jak's mommy, too, for sharing such silliness sweetness.

Today's question:

What is your favorite techy way of staying in touch with your grandchildren?