Wherein I attempt to master the selfie

I like to check my baggage when I travel. I know a lot of people prefer to carry on their items, but I prefer to check. Reason being that when I travel, I take my laptop (it's not an iPad or notebook by any means) as well as my DSLR camera. Once my camera is in a bigger bag with my purse, that bag and my laptop constitute my two carry-on items, while clothes and more are checked.

That said, I didn't check my baggage for my recent trip to Dallas for Bloggy Boot Camp, a fully paid trip I won from The SITS Girls. It was a quick trip with little chance I'd be leaving the hotel (which I didn't) so I left my camera at home, packed my laptop in my suitcase and lugged it all upon the plane.

Having no DSLR along for the trip meant I had to use my iPhone for any photos. An iPhone 4S, so it's not all that great, but it works in a pinch for most things.

I'm not so sure it worked all that well for selfies. Or maybe it's the camera operator. I tried, I really did. And the following provides proof.

I took a selfie as I headed out for the start of the conference, wearing my lovely Skyscraper dress provided free by Ming Wang Knits, of course:

Ming Wang Knits dress

I took a selfie with my new friend Kim of Mommie Again, whom I knew through an online group but hadn't previously met in person.

Bloggy Boot Camp selfie 

I took another selfie the second day, showing how cool my geometric cape outfit (also provided free by Ming Wang Knits) looked. Well, I promise it looked better than my faulty selfie skills might make you think:

Ming Wang Knits cape 

And I took a selfie of me with Michelle of A Dish of Daily Life, whom I also knew from an online group and was delighted to meet in person. (Not so delighted with my inability to shoot super selfies.)

Bloggy Boot Camp 

So, I gave selfies a shot... and they didn't turn out so hot. Maybe a session on shooting the perfect selfie would be an ideal class for a future conference.

Of course, it just might be the subject of the selfies that's a problem (meaning me, not my bloggy friends). Consider the photo below, taken at Bloggy Boot Camp by a pro on pro equipment. The pro's direction for highlighting the incredible LG washer and dryer was that either Kim or I should get in the washing machine. I chose to play the fool (the hat proves that, right?). But instead of getting all the way in, I thought, "What the <cuss>, it'll be easier if I just get halfway in."

Then I saw the the final result and realized my halfway in presents me in an all-the-way unflattering way. I should have gone all in.

That goofy LG shot was worth it, though. While I learned little from the selfie shots, I did learn from the unflattering LG shot something that I can apply to all areas of my life: Doing things halfway may be easier but it only makes you look like a fool. Always go all in.

One other thing I learned? My DSLR goes where I go from now on.

Disclosure: As mentioned above, Ming Wang Knits provided free outfits for me to wear to Bloggy Boot Camp.

Today's question:

What equipment do you most often use to take photos?