Wherein fashion, Batman and Metallica intersect

My middle grandson, Mac, makes me chuckle on a pretty regular basis. Most recently, because of this text from Megan last week:

 text message

A better view of the little nut posing pensively in his superhero gear:

Batman costume

Now, I can just imagine the sheer delight in Mac's mind when he was given the green light to take over big brother Bubby's costume for his own daily dress-up fun.

batman toddler 

Which not only makes me smile, but makes me consider this — my favorite Metallica song:


Regardless of metal tunes or Batman digs, Mac is, without a doubt, my hero of the day — of this day and many days — for putting a song in my heart and a smile on my face.

Today's question:

What past or present fashions of your grandkids — or kids — bring a smile to your face?