Wherein Bubby and Mac dance like... er... dance to 'Gentleman'

Just Dance 2014 Gentleman

We enjoyed several fun outings while my grandsons and daughter visited our house. As the weather was uncharacteristically cruddy for this time of year, the challenge was keeping Bubby and Mac busy inside while Mommy and baby bro Jak — and PawDad and Gramma, too — got ready to go.

The Wii came to the rescue... though semi-inappropriately so, I must admit.

See, Bubby and Mac are pros on the Wii. They love to play Mario Kart, Lego Batman, Scooby Doo and many other kid games. As the boys haven't visited Gramma and PawDad's house since becoming Wii gurus, though, we have no kid games in our stash. So Bubby and Mac had little choice but to be entertained with my Just Dance 2014.

Just Dance 2014 is a great way to burn excess energy. And it does have some kid-safe songs (Ghostbusters, YMCA, a few Aladdin tunes). It also has some very not kid-safe songs. Naturally, those are the ones Bubby and Mac were drawn to.

Fortunately, the song and dance they most enjoyed featured unintelligible lyrics except for one word: gentleman. Gramma could go for that. So I let them go for that.

During one family room dance session, I couldn't help but grab my camera.


Bubby and Mac may not have learned much about being a gentleman from the game, but they certainly picked up a few happenin' dance moves. And every true gentleman needs at least a few of those, right?

Let it be known, though, that I've officially added kid-safe Wii games to my shopping list. Sure, it will likely be a long time before the kids visit again, but then again, they've surprised me before. And next time they do, I plan to be prepared.

At least as far as appropriate Wii-ing goes.

Today's question:

What Wii — or other game system — games do you or your grandkids enjoy?