Wherein a Pinterest fail gets Grandma giggling

I mentioned briefly yesterday that I often feel younger than I am. An incident one night last week confirmed I still have some maturing to do.

See, I searched Pinterest — the sure bet when it comes to brilliant ideas — for ways to create snacks from yogurt. I found a super simple one wherein you drop yogurt on wax paper, freeze it, and you have snacks similar to Dippin' Dots.

My first attempt — using a cookie press fitted with a disc I thought would make the drops look nice — came out looking like this:

pinterest fail yogurt nipples

I did the entire pan and turned to put them in the freezer then realized just what the darn things looked like. I started giggling... and giggling and giggling. 

I showed Jim the pan, and he giggled, too.

I texted the picture above to some fellow bloggers, and they giggled, too. Same went for my daughters when I texted them. (Yeah, I'm that immature.)

I quickly changed the cookie press disc and created other yogurt drops that turned out beautifully. Giggle fest over.

Until I pulled the frozen first attempt out of the freezer the next morning. I giggled all by myself for quite some time over the perky pinkness of it all.

At least I know that if my writing career fails, I can always turn to creating and selling treats for bachelor parties. (Unless I mature in the meantime.)

Today's fill-in-the-blank:

My worst — or funniest — Pinterest fail was _____________.