Wherein a grandson samples sports and a grandma admits her paranoia

My oldest grandson, at seven-years-old, has already tried his hand at many sports.

Bubby has mastered swimming. He's progressed from T-ball to baseball. He's sampled soccer and running and basketball and wall climbing. Plus others I've likely forgot (or didn't photograph).

Bubby's latest sporty venture? Flag football!

youth sports flag football 

Bubby loves it! (Please note that despite my photoshop job in the photo above, Bubby's flag football jersey does have his real name on it, not his bloggy nickname.)

And I love that it's flag football!

See, this grandma—who only had daughters, no boys—is so very not ready for one of my little lovies to get his noggin' knocked about on the football field. Concussions in the name of competition appeals to me not one whit or bit.

Call me paranoid (Bubby's mom does) but my fingers are crossed that Bubby's sports sampling is done and that tackle football won't appear on his radar. I'd be delighted if he stuck with flag football, maybe returned to baseball or basketball.

Or perhaps Bubby will just chuck all his sports aspirations and try out for band. That would surely be safe and quite alright with me—as long as he makes sure to wear ear plugs to keep from damaging his hearing, that is.

Go ahead and call me paranoid—you certainly won't be the first.

Today's question:

What activities your grandchildren participate in make you a wee bit paranoid?