Where oh where did Grandma go?

missing grandma

This is not a post.

Well, it's not a post post.

Instead, this is a notice that going forward — at least for now — there will not be a new post on Grandma's Briefs on Fridays.

There will be, though, a Saturday post, for I'm bringing back the Saturday Movie Review, beginning tomorrow.

See, the fall season of movies is gearing up, and I enjoy sharing my movie thoughts with you. I think you enjoy reading them, too. So in order to stick to my promise to myself to find balance and life offline — meaning I will publish on Grandma's Briefs only five days a week* — I'm dropping the Fridays, picking up the ever-so-much-more satisfying Saturdays.

Which is why you're not really reading a post right now.

And why I hope to see you here tomorrow... for my review of THE HUNDRED-FOOT JOURNEY.

Happy Friday!

(Thank you for reading this non-post post)

*I'll now publish new posts Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday.