What made me smile, er, cry this week

Happy Friday!things that make me smile

Other than seeing via FaceTime Bubby's pride and joy at losing his first tooth and learning from the editor (in another phone call with her!) that my picture book manuscript is still under serious consideration for publication at a fabulous publishing house, the video below is what most made me smile this week. After those first two things, of course.

More accurately, though, the following video made me snicker and smile... and then it made me cry. Which made me want to share it with you.

You may have already seen this as it's making the rounds across all social media channels. Or maybe not. Either way, it's worth watching... a first time and a second time, too. Just be sure to watch it until the very end (and be sure to have some tissues on hand, as well).


So right, right?

Enjoy your day!

Today's question:

What made you smile this week?