Water log: Morro Bay and beyond

morro bay

I live in Colorado, where majestic mountains are many — and significant bodies of water few and far between. Nearly non-existant, to be honest.

The scarcity of impressive lakes and such in our home state is a big reason why my daughter and I were so enchanted by the sights along California's central coast when we visited together in May. From Cayucos and San Simeon to Cambria and Morro Bay, the abundant water in all — each location surprisingly different with distinct character all its own — soothed our souls in unexpected ways.

As we soaked up and savored each spot, we discussed many times how we just might be able to trade our beloved peaks for ocean views such as those we found in Morro Bay and beyond. (Click full screen on the video to feel as near the water as possible.)


Ultimately, Colorado is home, we concluded, and likely always will be for us both. When a longing for water is on our hearts and minds, though, we have many, many more megabytes of photos of our fantastic California visit to peruse and appease. At least until we make our way out west once more.

(Thank you to Morro Bay Travel Bureau and California Highway 1 Discovery Route for treating us to our unforgettable mother/daughter trip in May to Morro Bay and beyond.)

Today's question:

If you had your druthers, would you rather live near the ocean or the mountains?