Walk this way: Jak's getting there

Baby Jak will be one year old June 16. (Crazy, right!?) As PawDad was instrumental in getting Bubby walking steady—this, mere days before his first birthday—Jim was determined to have Jak walking steady before he left the desert, before Jak's upcoming birthday.

learning to walk

Jak's biggest obstacle to walking is paying too close attention to what he's doing, which throws him off balance. As soon as he realizes he's on his way, the silly boy drops to the floor. So to take his mind off the fancy footwork, PawDad put his phone in Jak's hands and set out practicing the to-and-fro with Mommy while Jak focused on the phone.


Though Jim and I won't be there to see and record his first steps as we did with Bubby, I have no doubt Jak will be walking this way and that well before he turns one. And he'll likely be perfectly capable of doing so with a phone in hand, too!

Smart kid, that one! Smart PawDad, too, for the distraction action.

(What's that racket in the background? That's none other than Bubby and Mac playing Lego racing games on Gramma's AARP RealPad while sitting on the couch right behind Mommy's head!)

Today's question:

What was/is your go-to ploy for getting kiddos to walk?