Twitter titters

Twitter has been shrouded by a black cloud of sorts the past couple years thanks to it being the primary place our president spreads his hate policies and ponderings. And a top spot for reactions to Trump in general and his terrifying tweets in particular. As well as plenty of news — fake or factual — related to that never-ending nastiness bouncing about hither and yon.

Despite political pap dominating Twitter of late and me being the very least publicly political person I know, I still peruse and post on that particular social network nearly every day. Because there's other stuff there. Inspirational, informational, educational stuff I might miss if I didn't stop by.

And stuff like the following. Which started my yesterday with a smile because it's just so darn cleverly adorable. So much so that I was compelled to share there by retweeting and here by capturing screen shots of the sweet silliness. (Okay, and I shared on my personal Facebook page yesterday, too.)

The tweet* that made me titter:

tweet from People's Daily, China

Accompanied by these full-size photos:

prairie dog band

pigeon band

penguin band

panda band

Too cute, right? Worth sharing!

And so worth weeding through the whack and worrisome to find.

*This tweet I serendipitously stumbled upon was a retweet from a friend; I don't follow People's Daily, China. Why I feel I must mention that, I'm not sure.

Today's question:

Who are your favorite folks to follow on Twitter? (Other than Grandma's Briefs, of course.)