Timberrr! Grandma's tree comes tumbling down

Jim and I — along with the many mourning doves that live in our yard — are mourning the loss of our Black Walnut tree. 

Black Walnut trees supposedly don't grow well in Colorado. This one, though, lasted for more than 30 years. Or so says the neighbor upon which our beloved tree fell when a gust of wind toppled the now indubitably dead thing.

black walnut tree

The Black Walnut tree was a favorite landing spot for mourning doves, woodpeckers, an occasional hawk or two and more. Which is why we kept it around far longer than we should have, after its slow demise began a few years ago. We thought we had more time. But isn't that the way of all things that pass?

We now have but a small pile of logs... which our neighbor upon whom the tree fell (the neighbor to whom we gave the bulk of the wood at his request) wants to trade for an antique clock.* Proof of the beauty of the wood within.

Farewell, Black Walnut tree. You served us well. The mourning doves will long mourn your loss. At least until the Red Maple we have planned for your spot grows big and sturdy.

*Upon this we're still debating.

Wondering about the man in the photo? That's Chad from Gilbert's Tree Service, an awesome company we've used for years. We highly recommend them to Colorado Springs folks. And, no, we didn't get a discount for that plug (insurance covers this, thankfully); it's simply a sincere sentiment about great guys, great service, great company.

Today's question:

What feature of your yard would you miss most if it were removed?