Three's a charm: Egg ideas for Easter

easter eggs

Facebook used to be the go-to spot for socializing with friends and family near and far. It's still that a smidgen. More so, though, it's become a video library of sorts that rivals Pinterest in the aggregation of craft and cooking content.

Video content to recently pass through my Facebook stream that appealed to my inner Easter craft-y gal — inner because I have yet to even set out a single bunny or egg around my house or devise the Easter meal menu — included these fun egg how-tos.

As I have no doubt whatsoever I won't be doing any of these this year but don't want my appreciation for them to go to waste, I shall now share them with you. Perhaps you're more crafty — and motivated — than I am this year.

Reminder of the Two (and only two) Years I Purchased Panoramic Eggs For My Daughters EGGS


Dino Eggs My Grandsons Would Adore EGGS (that perhaps I'll get around to doing next year)


Forget the Vinegar and Color Tabs EGGS (This video I can't embed, so click the pic I snipped to go to the Facebook post.)

easter egg video on Facebook

Speaking of coloring eggs, Jim and I will be joining Brianna, Patrick, and Bud to dunk and dye a batch this evening. Fun, fun, fun! With perhaps a video of said fun to come — so keep an eye on your Facebook feed!

(Yeah, right! I still have to set out a bunny or two and get that menu figured out and shopped for before family arrives Easter Sunday. Wish unmotivated me luck!)

Today's question:

What method do you and yours use to color Easter eggs?