This is what 100 looks like

Bubby's kindergarten class recently had its 100th Day Celebration. Under the direction of their fabulously creative teacher — otherwise known as Bubby's mom and my daughter — my eldest grandson and his classmates marked the 100th day of school by attending class dressed as "oldies" (perhaps because they were no longer newbies) and sharing items that represented 100 to them.

I'm not sure what items Bubby shared, but my grandson proved himself to be an oldie of the most awesomely dapper sort.

Ladies and gents, I present to you... Grandpa Bubby:

grandson dressed as a grandpa

(Truth be told, Bubby went by "Grandpa HisRealLastName" for the 100th Day Celebration with his class.)

Now, I eschew ageism of any sort, but I must say that Bubby is a pretty fair representation of the youthful exuberance required of all us who hope to hit our golden years with a smile on our faces and joy in our hearts.

Cheers to 100! Cheers especially to Grandpa Bubby!

Today's question:

We "oldies" certainly have the look down, so now the sharing part: What do you have 100 (or more) of?