The view from here

When Jim and I bought our current house — after more than 20 years in a house that afforded us a daily view of Pikes Peak... in the winter when there weren't leaves on the trees to obstruct our view — we lamented the loss of any fantastic views. With this house, we had opted for a magnificent interior over majestic mountain views.

That said, I do regularly wax unapologetically about wanting to raze the house next door. It was built many years after our house, and it completely blocks the view of Pikes Peak one was meant to have from our home's west-facing windows.


Every once in a while, though, I'm provided perfectly pleasant views of a non-mountainous sort right out my doors or windows. To wit...

Last Friday evening when I went to get the mail from the mailbox at the end of our sidewalk, the following folks were just across the street enjoying their dinner:

deer grazing 

I raced inside for my camera, snapped a few of the herd, then watched as one spry gal decided she deserved a spot at the top. I watched as she ambled her way up a mound then gazed out at the peons (including me) below her.

deer atop hill 

I admit to adding the "glory" effects to that collage. But the lovely deer seemed so proud of her climb to the top that I figured a few dashes of radiance added to the documenting of her achievement were in order.

The next morning, Saturday, when I let Mickey and Lyla (the dogs) outside, Lyla went ab-so-lute-ly ballistic. She barked and barked and barked like a maniac.

Now, we've had Lyla for a few years, having taken in the psychologically damaged doggie from my daughter Andrea, who had saved Lyla from a life as a stray roaming the streets of Denver. Lyla's issues were many, and not long after adopting her, Andrea passed her along to us.

Lyla has overcome many fears and obsessions since Jim and I have taken her in, but that incessant barking Saturday morning signified one of the remaining things that makes her truly bonkers was in our midst. I'm talking about this:

hot air balloon descent

See, the whooooosh sound of the flames and hot air filling hot air balloons makes poor Lyla fear for her life. Unfortunately for her, we get a lot of balloons overhead, hear that sound quite often.

Which is why I knew right away it was time to grab my camera. Then, of course, I let poor barking Lyla in before running upstairs to get that shot and a few others from my bedroom window.

See that speck between the balloon on the left and the tree? That's not dust on my lens, it's an airplane. We also get a lot of airplanes overhead, sometimes military planes so loud and unnerving they make me want to go ballistic just like Lyla does when hot air balloons float overhead.

Though I still wish I had a view of Pikes Peak from my windows, the grazing deer and balloons scaring the <cuss> out of my dog will do for now. (At least until I win PCH and can raze that <cuss> house next door.)

Oh, and for those who don't know, this is Lyla:

sleeping black lab

Yeah, she still has a few issues to work out.

Today's question:

What do you most enjoy viewing from your house?