The Saturday Post: Still Foreign(er) to me

The conferences Megan and Preston attend on a fairly regular basis for Preston's job — the out-of-town gatherings that allow me to babysit my grandsons for several days every few months — always include a variety of acts to entertain the conference attendees each evening. This time, the band Foreigner played one night.

Foreigner has been around longer than both Megan and Preston, having formed nearly 10 years before either of them were born. Still, they enjoyed the show, knew quite a few songs, and even texted me a photo as the band played "Cold as Ice."

I found it interesting the band was on the bill for Preston's conference, so I Googled Foreigner to see how relevant they are today. Apparently they still are, at least to some degree (and with a new lead vocalist), for the following video was just recorded in February. I've always really liked this song, and going acoustic gives it a fresh twist. Enjoy!

Today's question:

Were you ever a Foreigner fan? Any favorite songs?