The Saturday Post: Music to kick off summer edition

Billboard Magazine released its Top 30 Summer Songs this week. Not a whole lot on the list resonated deeply with me, for a variety of reasons — mostly because I'm too old, they're too old, or they're just too not my style.

There were a few, though, that made me smile, tap my toes and cross my fingers this summer will be light, carefree, happy. Is that possible at our age? Or are such things bestowed only upon the young?

I share those here: the four light, carefree, happy and downright summery songs from the Billboard list that made me want to grab an ice-cold beer, kick back, and believe that such things are possible at any age. They're the ideal soundtrack for kicking off the holiday weekend, the unofficial start of summer.



Cheers to summer! Enjoy the holiday weekend!

Today's question:

What song screams summer for you?