The difference one hundred ninety-nine days makes

Up until this past weekend, my husband and I last saw our three desert-dwelling grandsons one hundred and ninety-nine days ago. At that time, we flew to their house to celebrate their birthdays — all of which are in June — a few weeks early. At that time, they looked like this:


Last weekend Jim and I flew to their house to celebrate Christmas with them — a few weeks early. In the one hundred and ninety-nine days since our visit in May, Brayden, Camden, and Declan have grown by leaps and bounds, in stature, maturity, conversational prowess, game-playing ability (Brayden's favorite games: Sequence and Monopoly), and more.

This time they look like this...


We crammed quite a bit of fun into our three days together — and now have our fingers crossed it won't be another one hundred ninety-nine days before we see each other again.

Today's question:

How many days typically pass between visits with your grands?