The best things about being a grandma

Giving thanks for our blessings tops the Thanksgiving to-do list of many — right along with the grocery shopping, turkey stuffing, pie filling and more.

Naming those blessings can sometimes be a challenge, though, especially when our What I Want list far outweighs our What I Have list. Yet as grandmas, it's no chore at all to list and be ever thankful for our grandma gig, especially those parts we consider the best.

Here, straight from some of the Grilled Grandmas, are the very best things about being a grandma. They're by no means exclusive to grandmas, of course, as grandpas likely feel the same, equally believe these are among the best of the best blessings for which we grandparents give thanks.

best things about being a grandma

The best thing about being a grandma is, in their eyes, I am sooooo cool. —Jules

The loving these little children give me. I have never had so many hugs, kisses and ‘I love you’s from so many little people. —Janet

Unconditional love and adoration … how can you possibly top that in a lifetime? —Edna

I don’t have to do all the hard stuff—clothes, schools, food, regular sleep schedule, healthy regular food schedule, consistent discipline. I get to do all the fun stuff—play, explore, enjoy the world around us, loosening the rules a bit. —Carol

The best surprise is having some time to think, recharge, and reflect. It’s like parenting, with a hold button. —Ronda Kay

Sharing their innocence, feeling their joy, becoming a child again through their eyes, finding that playful spirit within me, and hugs, hugs, hugs, hugs. Did I mention "hugs"?! —Laurie

Being able to play with them. Having them confide in me. Tucking them in at night. And then going home. And being able to share being a "grandma" with my mother who is now a great grandmother. —Janie

The hugs! Also, my grandchildren seem to think I can do anything. It really does make you feel like a rock star! —Patty

The rewards of seeing your love and attention and ideas spark their imaginations, contribute to their character, and foster their confidence … and the fabulous way they love you back. Of course their parents play the primary role, but if you are in their lives regularly — even from a distance — and you really pay attention to them and use your imagination, you can add richness to their lives. —Nancy

I get to laugh and do “kid” stuff again. She keeps me young! I get to do things with her that I feel that I missed with my own children. —Debbie

I love to have a sleeping baby on my shoulder. —Risa

All the hugs you get have got to be the best thing. However, the fact that you are not the parent is sort of nice, also. I love to spoil them rotten (within reason, of course). —Janie

Everything! It is such a blessing to hold your children’s children and know that they are the future and that we will live on through them. —Pat

Instant playmates and forever friends! They keep me young and fun; always ready to try new things. —Joan

It’s pretty awesome to be able to love them, play with them, and enjoy them without feeling responsible for them — I realize I need to be a good role model, too, but it’s much different, more relaxed, than when my children were small. —Lisa

I just always wanted to be one. I think it’s a great calling. They are here to show us the world goes on…you know, the circle of life. —Jane

The best thing about grandchildren is seeing the faces of my own beautiful babies, only better, and their characteristics displayed and re-born into a new generation is positively glorious. —Ann

Knowing that I get a second chance and, unlike my kids, can spoil them, and not make the same mistakes with them that I did in raising their parents. —Marlene

The best part about being a grandma is watching your own child become a wonderful, caring parent. —Nita

All of it. This is just the best job ever! —Kc

Today's question:

What would you add to the list?