The alpha and omega: Games (grand)people play

My daughter Megan unexpectedly showed up at my door with my three grandsons one week ago today.

The fact several hours passed before I pulled out my camera attests to the degree of my surprise at their appearance. Once I started snapping shots, though, there was no stopping me.

My record of the special time with Bubby, Mac and Jak began with this:

Mac T-ball

And ended with this:

game over 

In between Mac preparing to hit the improvised T-ball stand and Bubby appreciating Gramma's win of our WuzzIts game were 2,391 photos of the other games and grand times we had during my spectacular, seven-day surprise.

From beginning to end, the entire visit was a grand slam, and I'll no doubt be reviewing the plays over and over again in the days to come.

Thank heavens for my digital camera. And for a daughter game enough to hop on a plane with three boys — 6, 4 and 4 months (tomorrow), mind you! — for the sake of surprising her mama.

Today's question:

What is your favorite board game?