Texting, driving, and the GRAND Social

Now it's personal...

During the Lifesavers National Conference on Highway Safety Priorities I recently attended, there were several sessions on distracted driving, with heavy focus on texting while driving — not only by teens but by adults, too. While I've shared stats and such since the conference, it has now become personal.

On Saturday, my stepmother was rear-ended by a gal who was texting while driving and because she was distracted, failed to slow down at a traffic light. She slammed into my stopped (as she should be) stepmom so hard it pushed the vehicle into the intersection. Fortunately, my stepmom was not hit by other vehicles in the intersection, but she sustained whiplash, a concussion, and closed-head injuries from which she may never fully recover.

As I mentioned before, there's a 23 times greater crash risk when texting while driving, yet 49 percent of adults text while driving. Even when we know it's wrong and dangerous. Many of us claim, "Oh, I'm a good driver and an excellent multitasker, so it's okay." It's not okay, no matter what, no matter how careful.

If you or someone you love texts while driving — and I admit, I used to at stoplights — please take the following videos to heart, please share them with friends and family.

And another, geared toward teens:

I appreciate you reading my justified rant.

Now for something a little less heavy: the GRAND Social. Thank you for joining me!

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