Gramma's soccer superstar

Gramma's soccer superstar

As the youngest of three boys in a sports-loving—watching and playing—family, Declan has spent many an afternoon, evening, and weekend cheering on Brayden and Camden as they compete on the court, field, track, and more.

The four-year-old finally got a chance to shine on the other side of the stands when Megan signed him up for youth soccer, his first time on a team.

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Springtime means baseball time once again, and Bubby has been drafted to the big leagues! Well, a league with big guys.

AAA youth baseball player 

My lefty grandson Bubby, who first showed promise on the field back in his T-ball days, was invited to try out for a local AAA league — and made it!

The difference between AA and...

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Wherein a grandson samples sports and a grandma admits her paranoia

My oldest grandson, at seven-years-old, has already tried his hand at many sports.

Bubby has mastered swimming. He's progressed from T-ball to baseball. He's sampled soccer and running and basketball and wall climbing. Plus others I've likely forgot (or didn't photograph).

Bubby's latest sporty venture? Flag football!

youth sports flag football 

Bubby loves it! (Please note that despite...

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Climbing the wall

My grandsons and their parents are pretty much fully moved into their new home. Their backyard, though, is undergoing a mega-makeover (a pool and more!), which means the boys are unable to play outside in the yard for a few months.

Good thing they have a park right across the street.

Despite the nearby park, though, Bubby and Mac were already climbing the walls soon into the relocation. So when PawDad and I were there a week or so ago, Preston took Bubby, Mac, and PawDad to the local community center to burn off some energy playing basketball. And to, literally, climb the walls.

Mac was too tiny for the wall-climbing venture, but Bubby was a pro in no time. He quickly mastered the small wall...

rock climbing kid 

Then Bubby moved on to the medium wall...

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Grandma's all-star! Plus, GRAND Social No. 165 link party for grandparents

Grandma's all-star

My grandsons are sporty little squirts, but as a long-distance grandma, I have few opportunities to see their games and other athletic endeavors. Last week, though, I had the pleasure of attending one of Bubby's basketball games.

I was filled with pride at what a great team player Bubby is as well as how truly awesome the kid is on the court.

youth basketball

Winning news for Gramma: I'll be in the desert again at the end of this week, and...

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Grandma's all-around good sport

child on park play structureI have a handful of skills that I enjoy sharing with my grandsons, activities I consider myself good at and that I'm happy to encourage them to become good at, too. For them at this age, that's mostly reading, crafting, cooking, playing games plus a few other rather sedate things.

And then there are the skills this not-so-agile grandma...

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The B-baller and his brother

Look who's old enough to play on a youth basketball team. He couldn't be more happy about it.

youth basketball player

Look who's not old enough to play on a youth basketball team. He couldn't be more unhappy about it.

unhappy toddler

Poor Mac. Such is the injustice of being the little brother.

Photos courtesy Megan, of course. Thanks, Meg!

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