Denver must-do: Water World water park

Water World Denver

Last week when middle daughter Megan and I discussed the fun my husband, Brianna, Patrick, James and I had at Water World in Denver the day before — courtesy free passes from the park to experience "unlimited fun in the sun" — desert-dwelling Megan told me how much she loves Water World. Her pronouncement was based on our (limited) family visits to the massive water park near downtown Denver when she was a kid and visits she made with friends as a teen.

"Preston loves it, too," she said. Which surprised me. Because Preston never lived near Denver and Water World as Megan did growing up. He grew up in another state, in fact.

"Oh, yeah," Megan said. "Preston and his family used to go to Water World all the time when he was a kid. They loved it."

The Water World love from out-of-staters confirmed for me that Water World is indeed a must-see Denver attraction not only for folks who live in Colorado but for visitors from afar, as well.

And how could the massive outdoor play area — a Denver icon since 1979 — not be...

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Water World Wow! Plus GRAND Social No. 259 link party for grandparents

Water World Wow!

I recently received an invitation from Water World to spend a day at their park with my family for free. So that's what Jim and I — along with Brianna, Patrick, and my bonus grandson, James — did yesterday.

grandparents at water world

I'll be sharing details — and pics, of course — of our time at the thrilling waterpark just outside downtown Denver in the next week or so, so stay tuned for that. (Small spoiler: We had an amazing time!)

In the meantime, thank you for...

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