St. Paddy's fact and fiction plus GRAND Social No. 247 link party for grandparents

St. Paddy's fact and fiction

St. Patrick's Day, one of the few holidays everyone loves to celebrate in ways large or small — regardless of one's religious, political, ancestral, or astrological background — is this Friday. Whether it's shamrock cookies, brisket, green beer or any other of the bevy of traditional Irish goodies you share with friends and family on the happy day, consider sharing a wee bit o' the following Irish lore with them as well, some fact and some fiction, all courtesy

First, I will share with you my favorite fact from the list as well as my fave fiction.

Fave fact: I am one in a million. One of 34.7 million, to be precise, as I'm one of that many U.S. residents who have honest-to-goodness Irish blood (of some degree) coursing through their veins. Yep, I'm Irish (and Dutch... which I've been told, "doesn't amount to much.")

Fave fiction: Good ol' Patrick of whom the holiday was named wasn't Irish! Nope, Patrick was born in Britain, then, at the age of 16, was kidnapped and sent to Ireland as a slave. Who knew? Not me!

There's more where that came from! Right here, the full infographic of fantastic St. Paddy's Day fact and fiction:

st. patrick's day trivia

May the luck o' the Irish be...

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Leap Day lore! Plus GRAND Social No. 196 link party for grandparents

Leap Day lore

Cheers to Leap Day and the extra hours we've been granted!

Most of us know why Leap Day exists, but how many of us can spout bits o' trivia about Leap Day happenings throughout the years? I certainly couldn't... til I Googled the day and found this:

Cheers to Leap Day and whatever...

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Trivia Day! Plus, GRAND Social No. 188 link party for grandparents

trivia owl

Trivia Day

So you thought the holidays were done and over? Oh, no, no, no. Today, in fact, is another holiday. Of sorts. One you've perhaps never heard of. I minor one, I do admit, yet a holiday just the same.

Sort of.

You see, today is...

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