Baby faces

Baby faces

Jim and I babysat Benjamin last week while Brianna and Patrick went to Patrick’s company Christmas party. Being on the cusp of two months old at the time, there’s not a whole lot that Benjamin does, as far as playing with Gramma and PawDad.

He does, though, provide plenty of facial expressions, which I just can’t get enough of.

To wit:

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Scramble! Plus, GRAND Social No. 163 link party for grandparents


I'm writing this Sunday evening. I just heard from Megan that she and Preston would like me to watch the kids while they move into their new home. Tuesday.

THIS Tuesday. As in, tomorrow.

I said, Sure! (Despite the fact Jim and I will both be visiting them at the end of the month.)

They purchased my ticket to fly to the desert just minutes ago, and I'm now in scramble mode to be ready for a Tuesday departure.

Because of my scrambling, you get this preamble to this week's GRAND Social: a photo of my lovely tabby Abby that I took last week while messing with my camera settings.

tabby cat

No rhyme or reason for sharing Abby with you. Except that I didn't...

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